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The Parking Spot PIT - PIT Parking

(1989 Ratings)

701 Flaugherty Run Road Coraopolis, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15108
(412) 262-8188
3.90 miles to airport

(1989 Ratings)

701 Flaugherty Run Road Coraopolis, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15108
(412) 262-8188
3.90 miles to airport
Taxes: 11.5% sales tax and 4% airport access fee
24/7 service
Payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover
Shuttle: 24 hour, no need to call for pick up
The smart way to park your car at Pittsburgh International Airport is by choosing The Parking Spot PIT.  It is only 3.90 miles away from the airport.  It offers top security and convenient shuttle service to and from the airport.  All you have to do is give them a call to book your reservation at (412) 262-8188 or just drive your vehicle to 701 Flaugherty Run Road Coraopolis, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15108.  The Parking Spot PIT is one of the finest airport parking lots in the area and you can really feel at ease on your travels knowing that you are getting a good deal and your vehicle is being securely watched.

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